English & French To Romanian Translations
Maria Popescu
I am a court translator authorized by the Romanian Ministry of Justice. This is the highest qualification attainable by a translator in Romania. I am authorized to translate official documents, as well as to interpret in court, at police stations or before administrative authorities. I am authorized to affix an official stamp to my translations in order to certify them and my translations can also be notarized.

I can provide you with translations in the contract, employment, criminal and family law: 
- sale and purchase contracts, rental agreements, supply contracts, confidentiality agreements;
- collective labour agreements, individual employment contracts, terms and conditions, patents;
- court decisions and lawyer statements, judgements, summons;
- birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, transcripts, wills.

I have the capacity to understand legal texts in English and/or French and to render them correctly in Romanian using the appropriate terminology and language style. Please contact me to start your project.
+ 40.732.477.512
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