English & French To Romanian Translations
Maria Popescu
My quality assurance process helps me guarantee fast, timely and reliable services. It is the key to my success.

Here are the main steps of the translation process:

• Understanding the customer's instructions, familiarizing with the relevant style guides and references, as well as with any other references available.
• Translating the file paying attention to terminology, grammar, lexis, style, locale, formatting, target group and purpose of the translation.
• Going through the translation again and making sure that the meaning has been conveyed, that there are no omissions or errors and that the defined service specifications have been met. 
• Comparing the source and target texts for terminology consistency, register and style.
• Checking formatting, missing parts, etc. 
• Final analysis of the translation using a quality assurance tool.
• Reading the translation from an end-user perspective, without having reference to the source text.

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